Expert-Approved Best Vape Brands 

Oct 7, 2023 | 0 comments

Which is the best brand for vapes? Which one should I choose? 

Well, these are some common questions that arise when one venture into the world of vaping. Numerous brands are selling good quality vapes and e-juices. They also make sure to keep upgrading their product with time. Hence, it is tough to name one brand as the best out of them all. However, our experts have listed below the names of the best vapes. 

Let’s explore them and then maybe it would be easier for you to buy the right device. 

Top 6 Vape Brands 

Out of a long list of vape brands, our experts have finally chosen the best six names. These include 

  1. Juul Labs 

A popular brand in the category of e-cigarettes has gained a lot of attention. The brand is known for its sleek design and high nicotine content. However, after a lawsuit was filed against the health risks posed by the products, Juul launched another vape with lower nicotine content. Hence, now you get multiple options for nicotine concentration within the same brand. 

  1. Vuse 

An e-cigarette brand launched by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company is a popular name among its users. The brand offers a variety of flavors with varied nicotine concentration levels. Vuse has also been expanding its product line which now includes vapes and other related products. 

  1. Blu 

Owned by Imperial Brands, Blu was one of the first e-cigarette brands to sell their products in the US markets. It offers a range of delicious flavors at varying nicotine strengths. 

  1. Logic 

Owned by Japan Tobacco International or JTI, Logic was a brand acquired in 2015. It was a project by JTI to expand its sales and presence in the US market. The brand now offers a variety of flavors like tobacco, menthol, and fruit flavors. 

  1. NJOY 

Considering the tough times faced by the company, NJOY is a strong contender of the list. It has been selling its products since 2010 in the US and continues to innovate them with time. 

  1. Puff bar 

It is a brand selling disposable vapes and is quite famous among vapers. Puff Bar is available in several flavors including fruit and dessert. Though banned in retail markets in 2020, the brand still does business online. 

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