Four of Vape DZ’s Favorite Disposable Vapes in Fort Worth, Texas

Apr 1, 2023 | 0 comments

Vape DZ is one of the leading online vape shops in the area, and we do ship our products across the United States of America. If you live in Fort Worth, you can rest assured that we will ship your orders directly – that’s a guarantee.

As an online vape shop, we’re always asked the question of what our favorite disposable vapes are. From the countless disposable vapes that we have tried, we’re going to give you some of our favorites – not just in Fort Worth, Texas, but around the United States.

  1. Esco Bar MESH

This type of vape is not rechargeable, though there are 2,500 puff counts on this disposable vape. It has 6ml of salt nicotine juice and countless flavors to choose from.

The Esco Bar MESH retains the original small size and even though it’s not rechargeable, it has a power of 1,100mAh battery. The large battery it holds can ensure that the user can extract every last drop of e-juice from its pod.

  1. Esco Bar MESH x Ripe Disposable Vape

This is the next-level version of the Esco Bar MESH. So for the Esco Bar MESH x Ripe Disposable Vape, users can now enjoy the ripe collection from this disposable vape. One of the best flavors that users can enjoy is the Peach Mango Pineapple Ice – it’s the best in our opinion.

  1. Esco Bar Mega Disposable Vape

This is another great type of disposable vape and it has an estimated puff count of 5,000. It has a juice capacity of 14ml, and it’s nearly half of the volume of a bottle of nicotine salt. This vape is rechargeable and it uses a 650mAh battery, though the cord isn’t included in your purchase.

  1. Esco Bar Mega x Frutia Disposable Vape

This type of vape is one of the most exciting aspects of the Esco Bar Mega, though it’s not limited to the additions of the nicotine salt flavors. There’s a wide variety of flavors that each user can choose from, but our favorite is the Rootbeer Float. It’s simply delectable.

If you want to know more about more of our products, reach out to our team today.

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