Will we Witness Tracking Chips in Vapes In Fort Worth, TX, Soon?

Oct 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Underage vaping has been a major threat to the industry and threatens its progression. However, former makers of vape juice and proponents of vape tracking have made it their business to ensure that they defend vaping by advocating for user traceability. This might be the answer to discouraging underage vaping in society today. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Tracing Vaping Users a Possibility?

To understand this, we must first look at how this would work. It involves installing an RFID chip in an e-liquid bottle or vaping device, or any other age-prohibited vaping-related items. This means that adult buyers are the only people who can access the product because they have to give an identification that is then scanned and stored in the chip. 

This means that when underage person is found in possession of the prohibited product, the ID of the adult who purchased it can be scanned, and they will be brought to book. With this mechanism, the identified individuals will thus be liable for any punishments for giving the prohibited product to the minor. But the big question remains, what if the minor took it without the adult’s knowledge? Are they still liable?

Taking Back Control

Besides finding minors and their enablers, this chip is meant to help prevent large purchases meant for resale to minors. The proponents of this trace idea believe that young vapers get the products from adults they know. The idea is to prevent unscrupulous vendors from negatively influencing minors to get vaping products when they shouldn’t. However, there are still many questions regarding this idea. 

The fact that the ID is used should be able to deter minors from purchasing, so any other addition seems like a duplication. Besides that, it appears the system will work like a simple ID check system, especially if it will not process fake IDs like real ones.

Well-Meaning Intentions, Or Not?

The proponents of this technology were moved by good intentions to come up with the tech. As a vaping industry member, Morris, the verifiable tech proponent, tries to be caught up in the blame game that manufacturers deal with regarding underage users. 

Many can argue that the idea is self-serving and has nothing to do with eliminating teenage vaping. It seems as though his goal is to protect the vaping industry against overregulation. His sentiments prove this as he regularly quotes how such measures are crucial to protect the industry against future over-regulation, which is something the government may move in to do.

Privacy Concerns – is this a Spy Tech?

It appears that privacy concerns have already been raised. The chip collects personalized information that may not sit well with many people. However, Morris says that the data is not very sensitive and cancan only is used by the authority to track the buyers of vaping products. The authorities run the info through their DMV database to find the person’s contacts and address.

Another concern is the issue of whether vape companies and customers will be needed to log in. The proponents of the tracing tech are not clear about this.

Is it time for vaping companies to start implementing this tech, or is it too soon even to contemplate? The answers to these questions may not be clear today. What matters is that you should focus on finding the right vape products. If you are in Fort Worth, TX, consider getting yours from VApe DZ. You will not be disappointed!

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