Why is ElfBar Making Headlines Recently? 

Sep 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Your famous vape brand ElfBar has been in the news for quite some time now. But what led it there? Experts say that the famous vape brand ElfBar has been engaged in some legal issues with its trademark and other problems. However, this does not mean the brand will no longer produce its ionic vapes. 

The company will continue to manufacture and sell its vaping devices but this time, it’s going to be different. 

Trademark Disputes with ElfBar

The famous disposable vape brand, ElfBar has been charged with a trademark infringement lawsuit. VPR Brands has sued the parent company of ElfBar, Shenzhen iMiracle Technology Co. Ltd. The Florida-based brand claims to have the rights to the “Elf” brand for all vaping devices in the United States. VPR Brand has also sued multiple master distributors of ElfBar across the United States. 

This has forced Shenzhen iMiracle Technology Co. Ltd. to change their product’s name to EBDesign in the U.S. Fortunately, the device will be sold under the same name, that is, ElfBar in other countries like the UK, etc. 

Also, Shenzhen iMiracle and other master distributors will no longer be allowed to import the products branded ElfBar in the U.S. However, other sellers, whose names are not mentioned in the case are permitted to sell the old stock under the name of ElfBar. But they won’t be receiving any new products under this name or from Shenzhen iMiracle anymore. 

ElfBar Counterfeits 

ElfBar has been battling the issue of counterfeit products since they launched their vaping device. Shenzhen iMiracle has made all the efforts to track these copies. The company mentions having tracked down more than 120 fake production and sales targets. This includes factories, warehouses, logistics, and foreign trade companies. They have also seized over 2 million finished fake ElfBar devices, and other accessories. 

Since Shenzhen iMiracle no longer supplies the product in the retail market, you need to be aware that the stores hardly have any stock in hand. The best way to verify the vape is by a QR code given by the company. You can also report the seller if a counterfeit product is being sold to you. 

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