Which are the Best Rolling Papers? 

Sep 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Rolling papers aren’t just ordinary papers used to wrap weed. They are more essential than you think. A good quality rolling paper can enhance your smoking experience by multiple times. Thus, you need to be careful while buying them. 

There are several types of rolling papers available in the market. You can classify them based on their quality, taste, flavor, color, etc. To make the job easier for you, we have listed below some of the best rolling papers that you need to get. Take a look! 

Top 6 Rolling Papers 

Rolling papers from different brands vary in terms of thickness, size, material, etc. Thus, the choice of rolling paper depends on one’s preferences. However, 6 brands have attracted the most users and have become the best ones. These names include 

  1. RAW 

If you wish to have something that burns slowly leaving zero to minimal ash, then RAW is the right brand for you. Rolling papers by RAW are made from unbleached, natural fibers. You can also find them in various sizes. 

  1. OCB 

OCB is a popular choice among both beginners and pro stoners. These rolling papers are preferred for their even burn and minimal ash. The company makes its rolling papers from thin and lightweight papers. Thus, the users love it. 

  1. Elements 

Known for its slow burn and smoothness, Elements is also a popular choice among weed users. These rolling papers are made from rice paper which ensures smooth and slow burning. It is also a popular choice for the ones who prefer natural and eco-friendly rolling papers. 

  1. Juicy Jay’s 

Just as its name, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are known for their fruity flavor. These papers add sweetness to your smoking experience. You can choose a flavor you like along with the added aroma. 

  1. Blazy Susan 

If you are looking for the best paper to roll a blunt, then Blazy Susan is the name to trust. The brand is known for its vegan-friendly rolling papers with non-GMO qualities. Blazy Susan is a stoner’s favorite. 

  1. Shine 

Want attractive rolling papers for your party? Don’t forget Shine’s 24k gold rolling papers. Lined with hemp, these papers may be thick but offer a great smoking experience.  Shine’s 24k gold papers are a smoker’s luxury. 

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