What Exactly is a Smell-Proof Bag and What Are They Used For?

Sep 28, 2022 | 0 comments

This might not be the first time that you’ve heard of a smell-proof bag, but do you know exactly what these things are?

It’s still a fact that not all people throughout the United States of America are accepting or welcoming of cannabis. Some of them tend to give those who use these things a dirty look, or some might even call reinforcements once they smell they get a whiff of it.

This is why smell-proof bags were made – we think that it’s pretty self-explanatory at this point.

As we can tell from the name, smell-proof bags were made to hide the smell of cannabis. We all know that cannabis has a pretty distinct smell, so storing them in smell-proof bags can help with the judgment that marijuana users get in public.

The main product that makes the smell-proof bag “smell-proof” is activated charcoal.

This is something that has smell-proof properties, and it’s quite great when it comes to concealing any kind of smell. This is why manufacturers of the smell-proof bag are quite invested in activated charcoal and its properties.

If you’re looking to travel with marijuana or if you want to bring cannabis in a public setting, it’s best to use a smell-proof bag to ensure that you won’t be given weird looks in public.

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