Tips for Making Your Smell Proof Storage for Weed in FortWorth, TX

Nov 27, 2022 | 0 comments

Despite the legalization and acceptance of weed in most parts of the US, you do not want to make it so obvious, especially if you are using it recreationally., Unfortunately, weed is one of the difficult smells to quell. Making the smell makes it even worse. 

Moreover, you don’t even have to smoke weed for the smell to linger. Improper storage of the same can exaggerate the smell in your house. It is important, therefore, to learn how to store the weed properly. If you are in Fort Worth, TX, you can buy smell-proof stash bags from Vape DZ, but that is just one viable storage solution. Below are suggestions on how to store your weed at home and minimize the smell.

Use Proof Weed Jars

You can choose to use an amazon jar with a tight-fitting lid as long as it is airproof. This is affordable and hassle-free for storing your weed. Alternatively, get canister jars at weed shops or a cannabis stash box. The smell-proof jars also have UV light protection and humidity packs for some brands.

Use Smell Proof Weed Bags

These are probably the most common smell-proof weed storage techniques that are the best for those traveling. An alternative would be a soft case. These bags are compact and easy to pack since they are not breakable. In addition, some come in zip locks, making it difficult for others to stumble on them.

Vacuum Seal the Weed

Vacuum sealing will prevent your weed from smelling. This is because it seals everything inside the bag. However, the bud quality may be affected, but the aroma and taste of the weed will remain intact.

Feel free to freeze the weed once it has been vacuum sealed.

There are different ways weed lovers can choose to store their weed and prevent the smell of the weed from affecting them and those in the house. Choose the right one for you.

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