Simple Trick to Stop Spit-Back When Vaping

Jan 4, 2023 | 0 comments

Before we tackle how to stop it, it is important to understand and define what spit-back is. This refers to vaping parlance, which happens when a coil spits a tiny amount of hot liquid into your mouth whenever you take your initial puff. 

How Does This Happen?

Liquid vaporizes into a bubble that bursts, throwing hot liquid in every direction when the coil is hotter. The popping sounds that emerge when you first fire the coils result from this. 

Are Spit Backs Dangerous?

The only alarming thing about sitting back is probably the pop sound in your mouth. However, the low nicotine drops cannot cause any harm. Research has proven and verified that the danger is often exaggerated. The same amounts of nicotine are used in e-cigs and pose no risk of poisoning users. 

Those worrying about the heat level should not worry since it is too small to cause significant damage. By the time it happens, the saliva cools it down almost immediately.

However, if the device is pouted against the mouth and the same thing happens, it is likely to cause a mild burn, but this is hardly harmful. So, the danger caused by spitting back is almost inconsequential.

 Can it be Prevented?

Despite the assurance of its harmlessness, vapers would still prefer it if it did not happen. The only way to prevent it is to point the tank away from you when you want to take your initial vape. The spit back takes a microsecond, so you won’t miss much by taking this preventive measure.

In case your device is adjustable, then this may happen repeatedly. In such a case, heat the liquid slowly this time.

Alternative Solutions

Some vapers think that one’s drawing technique during vaping can trigger spit-back. It would be best if you considered reducing the airflow when drawing. This draws more liquid to the wick, and the extra liquid prevents the spit-back occurrence. Generally, there are several suggestions on how to deal with this issue. Unless it is a major bother, I would say enjoy your vaping experience regardless of the pop sounds.

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