New to Vaping? Here’s Something you Need to Know 

Sep 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Quitting cigarettes? It is truly a commendable decision. After all, cigarettes are extremely harmful to your body. But we also know that quitting cigarettes cold turkey isn’t easy either. Nicotine dependence needs to be fulfilled regularly. So, how would you do it then? 

By switching to vapes! Yes, you heard that right. Vapes are safer and more convenient alternatives to cigarettes. These are also fun to smoke. However, as a beginner, you need to keep a few things in mind before you venture into the world of vaping. Our experts have listed 5 important tips that a vaper should remember while using disposable vapes. 

5 Tips to Remember

Consider these tips while using disposable vapes: 

  1. Disposable vapes take time to heat 

Since disposable vapes work on draw-activation formula, you need to inhale to heat the coil. However, you do not need to rush to do so as the vape takes time to heat up fully. Drawing too hard and too fast can overheat the vape pen. This can also lead the lithium-ion battery to explode. Hence, it is advised to be gentle with your vape pen. 

  1. Keep your vape at room temperature 

Storing your pen at room temperature is again to avoid overheating and explosion. Leaving your vape out in the sun or an unventilated area can lead it to overheat and explode. Therefore, always store your vape pens at room temperature. 

  1. Do not try to modify the vape 

Disposable vapes are not meant to be modified. Doing so can cause an explosion. Modification is only possible in vape models that mention so. Thus, never try to open the body of a vape pen or modify it in any other way. 

  1. Always keep it clean 

Just as attractive as these vapes may seem to you, they can be equally contaminated if not cleaned properly. Moist mouthpieces of used vapes are the perfect spot breeding spot for bacteria. Therefore, always clean the mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol after every use. 

  1. Dispose of them responsibly 

Since vapes contain corrosive elements like lithium-ion batteries, they need to be disposed of responsibly. Hence, discard them in areas that can handle this kind of waste and also recycle it if possible. 

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