Is Puffco Peak Pro Better than the Original? Let’s Find Out! 

Aug 26, 2023 | 0 comments

Puffco has been selling some of the best products in the US market for a long. The company recently upgraded its older device and launched the all-new Puffco Peak Pro. This is an enhanced version of what was available before. Here, the company has tried to change almost every single part of the original piece and turn it into the best. 

Our experts, fortunately, got a chance to try out the new Puffco Peak Pro and review the same. Thus, let’s see what they have to say and if the newer version surpasses the original one. 

How Does Puffco Peak Pro Work? 

Puffco Peak Pro is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is press and hold the power button to switch on the device. The same button when pressed again will change the temperature. 

Now, it’s time for the coolest feature-the new app! The app allows you to change the temperature and colors. It also reads out the temperature and number of sessions you did. 

Temperature Settings 

You get four in-built temperature settings in the all-new Puffco Peak Pro. Each of these is then represented by a different color like: 

  1. Blue (low) for 254°C or 492°F 
  2. Green (medium) for 266°C or 510°F 
  3. Red (high) for 277°C or 530°F 
  4. White (peak) for 285°C or 545°F 

The Peak Pro also allows you to customize the temperature. 

Vapor Quality 

The vapor quality of Puffco Peak Pro is great. The atomizer is better than before and can handle larger loads. Also, the carb cap has directional airflow which distributes the heat and vapor evenly and prevents hot spots. 

Manufacturing Quality 

Puffco Peak Pro is the best version of the original piece. All the shortcomings of the original version have been addressed. 

Battery Life 

The battery life has been improved greatly in the latest Peak Pro. You can enjoy about 25 to 30 sessions on a single charge. Also, the new device has a USB-C charging that can charge the battery in about 2 hours. 


The new Peak Pro comes with an easy-to-carry case that also protects your device from any damage. Overall, it is just as portable as the older version. 

The all-new Puffco Peak Pro is a great device. However, you can also try out other similar devices. Visit Vape DZ in Fort Worth, Texas for the best quality products. Contact us now to know more! 

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