How do you Differentiate between a Blunt and a Joint? 

Aug 12, 2023 | 0 comments

Marijuana or cannabis is a great way to relax after an exhausting day. However, certain strains of weed also help you energize and get back the hype. But how do you consume weed to make the most out of it? 

There are two popular ways to consume weed. That is by smoking a joint or a blunt. A regular user would know the difference between them and the kind of experiences they give. But if you are a beginner then you need to know their differences. Hence, read the blog below and learn more about a joint and a blunt. 

Differentiating between a Joint and a Blunt 

A joint and a blunt are two great ways to enjoy marijuana. However, they differ in some qualities. The differences can be listed based on certain factors like: 

  1. Material used 
  • Joint 

A joint is rather an iconic way to smoke marijuana. It is often rolled into a rolling paper or cigarette paper with varying thicknesses and sizes. Rolling papers are also available in different flavors to make your smoke session more pleasurable. These papers are usually made out of wood puls, rice paper, or hemp. 

  • Blunt 

Blunts are slightly different than joints. They are made using tobacco paper or cigar wrap. These rolling materials are made out of tobacco leaves which provide extra flavor. Blunts can either be rolled by a hand or a machine. Machine-rolled blunts offer better flavor and experience. 

  1. Fillables and stuffers 
  • Joint 

Joints are usually filled purely with weed. However, some users prefer adding other marijuana products like moon dust, CBD oil, etc. A few smokers also like to mix a bit of tobacco from the cigarette into their stuff. Such a joint is known as a spliff.

  • Blunt 

Blunts are usually a combination of tobacco and weed. This is perfect for the ones aspiring for a marijuana and nicotine high. The tobacco content in a blunt is fairly higher than a spliff. However, it is also okay to smoke a blunt without mixing tobacco as the rolling paper itself contains a certain amount of nicotine. 

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