History of Disposable Vape Juice

Dec 4, 2022 | 0 comments

Disposable vapes became more popular in 2021, accounting for over 60 percent of the vaping industry’s growth. This has pushed several major vaping brands towards this direction as many embraced the production of disposables since this seems to be what the market craves. So, how did we get here with disposables? Has it always been that way?

Disposables are not new in the industry. They have been around for over a decade, with e-cigs being the main disposables. The only difference is that back then, other vapes were more popular than disposables.

Things began to change, and the popularity of e-cigs was shot in 2015 when JUUL, a popular brand, released its creation. The company closed its pod system and moved to disposables, taking over half of the market share. It became a leader in the industry even after its acquisition in 2018. 

Unfortunately, most teenagers become addicted to the JUUL e-cigs, prompting the government to step in and burn the flavor in 2019. The company banned all fruit flavors, retaining mint and tobacco flavor e-cigs. However, the rule was disputed, and the fruit flavors returned until JUUL was delisted. This led to the emergence of the Puff Bar brand, which became popular with teens due to its 30 fruit flavors. However, this was not to last. 

At the peak of the brand’s popularity, the FDA forcefully removed Puf Bar flavors. It currently focuses on specific brands such as the  Hyde disposable vape, which is being left in the market. These are minor brands with little impact compared to the giants that came before them.

Teenage addiction has been used as the argument against most disposable flavored brands. The synthetic nicotine argument is another popular argument used to ban fruit-flavored disposables. 

However, it is also argued that if the ban on fruity flavored e-cigs does not reverse teenage addiction to e-cigs, it should be used as a line of defense. Unfortunately, it is impossible to imagine this industry’s direction moving forward. You need to know that the regulations and laws have more stickers today than before. This applies to the US, including Fort Worth, TX.

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