Dos and Don’ts of Vaping You Must Know

Mar 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Vaping is a good option for those who want to take a break from smoking. However, a beginner should know the dos and don’ts of vaping before deciding on the switch. Here we have provided 16 vaping tips that will give you a better vaping experience.

The “Dos”
• Keep Your Vaping Device Clean
• E-juices are perishable, so you should properly store vape juice to maintain its flavor.
• Many times you cannot taste your vape juice anymore. Change Flavors Once in A While
• Proper oral hygiene like brushing, using mouthwash to fully clean your mouth, brushing your tongue thoroughly.
• Experiment with PG/VG Ratio to get a balance between flavor and cloud thickness.
• Let the wick get saturated before you hit another vape.
• Slowly decrease your Nicotine level if you want to discontinue smoking
• Choose the specific device that can suit your needs. Explore all the products available before committing to any single one.
• Find the device that conforms to your aesthetics
• Switch and experiment between vaping devices to find the one that suits you

Avoid these “Don’ts”
• Don’t vape without permission from the owner, friends, and family
• Disobey smoking rules like it is a bad idea to vape in closed spaces.
• Don’t charge your device overnight as it will easily wear out its battery
• Don’t forget to hydrate yourself
• Don’t chain vape as it can burn your coils faster and could also cause dry hits.
• don’t go back to smoking as it has a lot more side effects and toxic components compared to vape juices

It is daunting for a beginner to switch to vaping. This guide will help you get a better vaping knowledge no matter you’re just getting started or you’ve been vaping for a period. It is important to confirm that you are using the appropriate vaping device, take care of it, and lastly, be thoughtful of other people. Ultimately, the do’s and don’ts are focused on common understanding and civility.

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