Can You Make a DIY Smell-Proof Weed Storage?

Aug 24, 2022 | 0 comments

When it comes to dealing with cannabis or marijuana, it’s still important to think about the fact that not everyone throughout the United States of America will be quite welcoming of it.

There will be people staring out you once they get a whiff of the cannabis you’re smoking. Some people go through the extent of calling reinforcements once they realize that a bunch of people or even an individual is carrying marijuana in public.

While these things might be unacceptable, this is unfortunately the society that we live in.

This is why it’s so important to have smell-proof weed storage to help us conceal the smell of the cannabis that we’re using daily.

Although, can you make your very own DIY smell-proof weed storage?

Frankly, it’s important to take note that the thing that makes these storages smell-proof is one product in particular: activated charcoal.

As long as you put activated charcoal in a jar or bag that you would like to store your weed in, then the scent will miraculously disappear.

Yes, all thanks to the smell-proof properties that these activated charcoals have.

It’s so important to take note that there’s also an option to freeze your cannabis if you’re thinking about bringing it into your travels. Just make sure that you’re putting them in a vacuum-sealed pouch before you put them in your freezer. This will last forever and will hide the strong scent that most cannabis has.

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