A Guide to Roll a Perfect Joint 

Oct 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Cannabis works best when rolled into a perfect joint. However, there are other methods to consume cannabis but joints remain a preferable choice. A joint is easy and convenient to roll. You can also carry it along just like a cigarette and smoke at your leisure. But be careful to use them in legal areas only. 

Joint is easy to roll but it surely takes time and practice to perfect the skill. Hence, we have listed below some easy steps to roll a joint. Let’s start. 

How to Roll a Perfect Joint? 

The process of rolling a perfect joint starts with: 

  1. Take a rolling piece of paper and place the filter on one end of it. 
  2. Take some ground cannabis and spread it on the rolling paper. 
  3. Slowly, start and try to roll the paper into a cone. But make sure the cannabis stay in the center. 
  4. Once rolled successfully, apply water or saliva on the glued end of the paper. This will allow the paper to stick and secure the cannabis. 
  5. Next, twist the rear end of the cone and seal it. This is the end where you will light the joint. 

After this, your joint is ready to be smoked. You can also roll a few joints at once for more convenience. 

What are Joints, Spliff, and Blunts? 

Cannabis can be used in three ways-as joints, spliffs, and blunt. Some assume them to be the same, however, they are not. All three have different properties such as: 

  1. Joint 

It contains pure cannabis that is ground and rolled into paper. The rolling paper can be made either from rice, hemp, or paper and can be plain or fruit-flavored. 

  1. Spliff 

Spliff is close to a blunt but it is not as pure as one. A spliff has cannabis mixed with a small amount of tobacco. The idea of a spliff is to make you enjoy the best of both worlds. 

  1. Blunts 

A blunt is pretty different from a joint. Here, the cannabis is rolled in cigar wrap or blunt wrap. A blunt gives you a hint of tobacco along with the joy of cannabis. 

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